Divino’s Halibut

Nutmeg is spending a bit of time on her own this year (and next) as Ginger is away studying or so he says.  So Nutmeg would like to introduce her friend Cinnamon, as a girl still has to eat, explore and drink a bit of wine.

Now about Cinnamon; it’s interesting as one could describe her as an old soul.  No not because she is old!!!  Cinnamon is grounded, well balanced and a bit of a freaky artsy type.  An interesting read is Wikapedia’s definition here are some key points of interest:

  • Cinnamon has been known from remote antiquity
  • The first mention of a particular spice in the Old Testament is of cinnamon
  • Before the foundation of Cairo, Alexandria was the Mediterranean shipping port of cinnamon
  • Indonesian rafts transported cinnamon (known in Indonesia as kayu manis- literally “sweet wood”) on a “cinnamon route”

Anyway that all goes to prove Nutmeg’s feeling that this freaky artsy friend has either lived a long time or had many lives.

What the hell does that have to do with Halibut??


Well the gals went to Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro for dinner last night.  The special was Halibut “sous vide” which did not mean anything to them either.  Basically, it is a boil in a bag technique.  Well the problem was the waitress did a terrific job of selling the gals on the special….but there was only one left.  So Cinnamon had halibut cheeks which taste a bit like scallops although drier and Nutmeg got the special (she did share a bit!).  In any case Divino does not disappoint, packed on a Wednesday night and the heirloom tomato with boccocini salad was really good too!

Thanks again to lovely Cinnamon who picked up the tab!!

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