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Ginger and Nutmeg is a weekly travel blog for worldly foodies.

Ginger and Nutmeg is a digital travel guide aimed at an adult English speaking audience. These are educated, tech-savvy tourists and locals who want to understand authentic stories and details behind a destination’s sights and tastes.

Our travel quest began years ago, recording those stories in an organized fashion started in August 2009. It was to be truthful a lark, an idea born over drinks with some of Nutmeg’s girlfriends. Emboldened by the friendly encouragement and some liquid courage, Ginger and Nutmeg appeared on WordPress for the very first time that evening.

Ginger and Nutmeg audience stats (July 2017):

  • 55% North American
  • 80% English-speaking
  • 65% Female
  • 55% 45-65 years old
  • 85% New (organic) visitor traffic
  • Social media engagement (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+)
  • Daily social media engagement

Ginger and Nutmeg is both independent and objective.

Ginger and Nutmeg has developed a mouth-watering database of #TravelTips related to (but not limited to) the following destinations:

Here is how Ginger and Nutmeg works with bloggers, brands and destination management organizations.


Looking back, the original Ginger and Nutmeg posts were in retrospect not that great (we needed a mentor). We hardly consider ourselves to be experts in a field that explodes with content on a daily basis, but we have learned a few things along our journey.

Reasons to get in touch with G&N:

  • You a new blogger looking for some start-up advice
  • You want to try guest blogging
  • You have a travel story that you think we should share with our readers


We work with your team to build an integrated content marketing solution aimed at an adult audience with a passion for travel. The targeted reach and measurability of social media campaigns are appealing to brands when considering where to spend precious marketing budgets.

Here is how G&N can help:

  • Connect your organization with top travel bloggers for social media outreach campaigns
  • Work with your brand to develop a social media strategy to engage with customers
  • Campaign support to reach your target audience online

Destination Management Organizations

Cutting edge DMOs understand the value of working with blogs and content writers who share real stories about their experiences in situ.

Let G&N help sell your destination:

  • Interviews “Hear it from a local.”
  • Mobile App development (Edible Heritage walking guides)
  • Story starters
  • Destination guides
  • Website content
  • Blog development
  • Social media strategy

The full Ginger and Nutmeg Media Kit is available upon request.

Please contact us at for additional information.

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