What is your favorite coffee shop?

What is your favorite coffee shop?

There are many things that Ginger and Nutmeg do not agree upon, however when it comes to coffee we are aligned. Without a doubt the top Calgary pick is Bumpy’s Cafe. They serve a great coffee; there are no bitter, weak or otherwise sub-par shots. The milk is steamed perfectly and they are magicians with the designs on top. Did we mention the home-baked goods? Fresh muffins daily, great oatmeal with toppings, soups and paninis that give Italian delis some competition. Give it a try they are open 7 days a week.
When we are in Canmore, our pick is Beamer’s Coffee Bar on 7th Avenue. We know others will debate our pick as there are many to choose from but in our view the place is about efficiency and it is always open. So many others have hours conducive to their owners ski and hiking schedules it’s hard to know when you can get a coffee. The food at Beamer’s is fresh although the selection may not be as varied as other spots it is consistent. Nutmeg’s favorites: breakfast burrito with two sides of salsa and the granola bar.
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