Don’t tell the French Italian Coffee is Better

Nutmeg and Ginger are staying in the Novatel in Paris, needless to say it is not the Four Seasons nor the Ritz.  What is interesting is the coffee service, or lack thereof at breakfast.  The hotel serves a breakfast buffet and in an attempt to cater to international tastes, serve everything from croissants and baguette to powdered scrambled eggs.  Generally speaking they do a decent job (stay away from the eggs).  The two “coffee” waiters for a room of 60+ have the following task; to serve coffee.  Nutmeg is amazed how these guys (she has tested her theory on both of them) have the classic Paris waiter attitude often found in street side bistros…. just because you are seated in my restaurant in my section and look like you might want a coffee does not mean you deserve one. When you finally do get a coffee you are so darn thankful you drink it.

Rome coffee #CoffeeLovers @GingerandNutmeg

Out on the streets of Paris it is good to know the following (because you can be sure your waiter will not help out):

  • Cafe –  1 shot expresso
  • Cafe Noisette – 1 shot expresso with a small side of steamed milk
  • Cafe Creme – expresso with steamed milk
  • Cappuccino – expresso with steamed milk and foam
  • Cafe Latte – expresso with lots of steamed milk

French Coffee rules:  You are uncool if you order the last three after noon.   The closer to the street the more expensive your coffee.  If you order a coffee you can practically sit there all day.

So Nutmeg says Italian coffee is better with way less attitude.

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