Do not like Cilantro It is Genetic

So Nutmeg has this friend,  Mr. High Maintenance (or “the lighting guy”) who he claims that he does not like Cilantro.  We have all thought for years that he is well; Mr. High Maintenance – you get the picture.  So today on the step-mill at the gym Nutmeg was stunned to find out that apparently it is true!! There is a study that has been done to understand the link between DNA and dietary preferences. 

You can read the full article in Maclean’s Magazine (May 17, 2010).  The study has been co-authored by Dr. Oz (yes his real name). The field is called “nutrigenomics” which is the pursuit of identifying the right diet for your genes. The theory is that people may not process and digest food in the same way due to unique gene make-up.  Apparently, via a simple mouth swab, they can determine what kind of diet you should be on. 

In addition, a study has been done by Charles J Wysocki in Philadelphia specifically on the herb Cilantro and the findings revealed that some people who dislike it may be missing a genetic component.  So there you have it, what Nutmeg has always suspected is true…Mr. High Maintenance is missing a gene!

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