Hot World Cup Fever and Cool Green Buildings

Finally!!! The NHL hockey season is over in JUNE!  Nutmeg is a fan a couple times a year, if the Calgary Flames ever show any spark and when the Montreal Canadiens make a play for the cup, like they did this year.  So hockey is done for at least 2 months and the greasy, long-haired, unshaven players can work on their golf games.

So what is a sports fan to do?  Turn up the South African heat and watch the FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010.  FIFA = Federation Internationale de Football Association (Nutmeg did not know).  For the next 30 days, 32 teams will battle it out for the title.  Ladies: these guys are athletes, fit, hot and worth watching.  There is tons of cool stuff on the FIFA site so check it out.

However, what Nutmeg really likes is all of the great looking ecofriendly stadiums.  You can read the full article and see the photos in Inhabitat.

So what could be better Hot World Cup fever and really Cool sustainable green stadiums?


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