Provence in the Springtime So Many Reasons to Visit

The Many Reasons to Visit Provence in May: May is a delightful time of year in Provence. The temperatures are beginning to warm up, but they’re not too hot. The days are longer, so there is more time to explore the charming villages, historic sites, and scenic countryside.

Virginie In Provence wrote an article about May explaining more about the holidays and festivities during this month.

Keith Van Sickle, Author, shares the activities celebrating Marcel Pagnol’s life. 2024 is the year of Marcel Pagnol in Provence, marking the 50th anniversary of his death in 1974. Several special events will be held throughout the year to celebrate the life and works of this brilliant author and filmmaker.

Stephanie Villegas’s spring menu combines some of the season’s best flavours in a 3-course dinner. Enjoy the taste of Provence this spring. If you are in the region, book one of her new Cooking and French Conversation classes – fun, delicious, and educational.

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