Hot Days and Hot Nights Slowdown for Summer in Provence

Summer “officially” starts for many French families around the middle of July. Bastille Day falls on July 14, and La Fête Nationale is a grand affair with festivities around the country. However, this day also marks the official start of the grandes vacances in France, so travel requires advanced planning and a little luck. Virginie shares the Bastille Day traditions in bilingual text here.

Festival season is well underway in the South of France, with hundreds of concerts, including a series in 40 vineyards. Head to Forcalquier for the annual weekend, July 26 – 29, when the artists’ studios are open to the public – Ateliers Ouverts. Read about the exhibitions and where to grab a bite to eat in Forcalquier.

The 2024 Tour de France is underway, with several stages taking place in the picturesque landscapes of Provence. This year, the race promises an exciting finish on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice on July 21. It’s a historic moment for the Tour de France, as it’s the first time the race will finish outside Paris. Enjoy this thrilling event and learn more about the Tour de France in Virginie’s bilingual article.

Summertime can be hot in the region when you might want to sample a cold beer from one of the many microbreweries. Cheers to making your way through this list.


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