Ansouis at Provence’s Crossroads in the Luberon


was a gift – 963 AD

in 2014, it still is

This village first appears in written record in 963 AD, in reference to Lambert de Reillane who donated Ansoye lands to the Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Montmajour. This land in the Aigues valley belonged to his grandfather Foucher de Valensole.

Ansouis Village life

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Wind and Water Adventure Palm Springs Tour

Nutmeg’s family was visiting the California Desert for the first time in many years. On previous trips, they had ventured as far as a few sand traps and into the rough vegetation on the other side of out-of-bounds stakes at the golf course. This time, Nutmeg’s plan was to limit potential frustrations found on fairways and putting greens and introduce the group to the dusty dunes and hardy flora of the Coachella Valley.

Windmills_Panorama, Windmills #DesertTour, Things to do in Palm Springs #PalmSprings

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Introducing Perfectly Provence a Unique Digital Magazine

Provence captures people with its amazing charms, and hidden adventures as soon as they arrive in this magical region of southern France. This is just the kind of place where you are not sure how the transformation happened, but all of a sudden you are a fan.

#Discover #Taste #Relax

Maybe, it was your first aperitif of chilled rosé or a curious amazement as to why anyone might what to drink a cloudy yellow liquid called Pastis, but now you are an APERO fan.

Provence Rose Chilling #Provence #Rose #Wines

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Domaine Rouge-Bleu Grape Heaven in Provence

Their eyes connected on a train headed towards the Champagne region. Before the weekend filled with bubbles supplied by the cellars of Krug and Dom Pérignon was over, Caroline Jones a proud Australian, and French native Thomas Bertrand had uncorked a little sparkle. Their long-distance romance bloomed and the now married couple lives between the vines at Domaine Rouge-Bleu a vineyard in the heart of Provence.

Domaine Rouge Bleu #Provence #Vineyards

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Provencal Mysteries Unveiled in Provence Mysterious

Provencal postcards are dominated by fields of purple-lavender rows, stoic sunflowers against cobalt-sky backdrops, gnarled grape vines burdened with ripening fruit and endless groves of olive trees. It is highly unlikely that demons, demigods, bat caves and sorcery are images that pop into your mind when a friend says they are going to Provence on holiday.

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France en Velo a Journey from St Malo to Nice

Whether you own a custom-fit, carbon fiber steed with electronic shifters or a three-gear cruiser bike with tassels, you have to admit that watching the Tour de France each July is addictive. The right to wear the maillot jaune is earned over the grueling, 21-stage race by the cyclist with the fastest overall elapsed time. The Tour de France television coverage is obviously inspirational for cyclists, but it is the panoramas along the route that make you want to book a plane ticket into Charles de Gaulle for your own France en Velo trip.

France en Velo #France #SelfGuided #Cycling #FranceenVelo #HannahReynolds #JohnWalsh

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Right to Play a Winning Formula With Mississippi Million

The title might have you thinking that Ginger and Nutmeg are trying to fund their travel-based lifestyle via lottery tickets. Although, the lotto might not be a completely outlandish idea, Nutmeg felt her writing energy could be better focused on a 2320-mile river journey and some sweaty palms.

John Pritchard Mississippi Million Right to Play #MississippiMillion #RighttoPlay

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Bring Your Appetite with Avignon Gourmet Tour

Avignon is a must see on almost every tourist’s Provence travel agenda. Whether you are a practicing Catholic or not it is impossible to ignore the fact that the seat of influence for this religion was based in Avignon for almost 100 years. Pope Clement V arrived from Lyon, without the intention of remaining he stayed and eight others followed.

Palais des Papes Avignon #Avignon #Provence @GingerandNutmeg

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Chateau Pesquie a Family Rooted in the Wines of Provence

Château Pesquié is Provencal postcard perfection, with the soaring limestone summit of Mont Ventoux as a backdrop and a leafy canopy of plane trees shading the entranceway to the bastide. The Provencal name pesquié is a derivative from Latin “pescarium” meaning fishpond or basin.

Chateau Pesquie #Provence #Vineyard #chateaupesquié Herve FABRE @fredchaudiere

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Lisbon’s Palacio Belmonte Fit for Royalty

There are only 10 keys to the rooms at Palácio Belmonte yet every key opens the door to the palace. Not everyone will fit the glass slipper, but no one will sleep with a pea in his or her bed.

“We find three types of people:  those who see, those who don’t see and those who want to be seen. If you belong to the first group you will love Palácio Belmonte, if to the second Belmonte might open your eyes, but if you belong to the third, you will feel much happier at the Ritz!” Source: Palácio Belmonte website

Palacio Belmonte 5d Bartolomeu de Gusmao terrace - Joana Pinto Coelho #Lisbon #PalacioBelmonte #LuxuryHotels #TravelPortugal

Having made an investment of 26 million Euros in reconstruction and devoted innumerable man-hours to this passion project the owners Frederic Coustols and his wife Maria are justified in their preference for appreciative guests at Palácio Belmonte.

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