Domaine de la Baume a Provencal Jewel

Jean-Louis Sibuet quickly appreciated the realities of the hospitality trade, once his parents purchased le Fer à Cheval Hotel in Megève. His early grounding in the accommodation business has evolved into a French boutique hospitality chain. Mr. Sibuet and his wife Jocelyne have created a luxurious, contemporary brand while maintaining a resilient respect for the local environment unique to each of their hotel properties.


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ABCs of Travel in France’s Dordogne

Ginger and Nutmeg spent a long Sunday afternoon covering over 600 km on some of France’s super-highways. Their goal was the looming treasure at the end of the journey, a week of biking with good friends through the Dordogne.

Dordogne Signs @GingerandNutmeg #Dordogne

Nutmeg admits that an ABC list covering essential sights and local tastes in the Dordogne region might have been a bit more help before their trip. She hopes instead that this post benefits at least one of the G&N readers who plan to visit this beautiful area in the future.

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Mike Grgich’s Love of Zinfandel

A tweed blazer, blue-wool beret and matching slip-ons, may not be the classic outfit you would reach for on a blazing California desert morning. At 90-years old and impeccably dressed, Miljenko “Mike” Grgich of Grgich Hills Estate answered the door at his home in the sunny Coachella Valley. There was no rain in the forecast for weeks, possibly months, but the man who helped to put Napa Valley wines on the global stage still wears his signature beret.

Mike Grgich Grgich Hills Estate #CaliforniaWines #NapaValley

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All in the Family at Wilma and Frieda’s Café in Palm Desert

The waitress had Nutmeg sold at the mention of homemade English muffins…she did not even need to talk about the jams.

Wilma and Frieda Cafe - homemade jams #PalmDesertKelly McFall had a vision for a cafe a dream that was 10-years in the making. Where most people would shy away from a new restaurant project in a fickle, seasonal marketplace with high-end rents, Kelly continued to move her idea forward and recently opened Wilma and Frieda’s Café, a tribute to youthful recollections of her two grandmothers.

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Top 10 List for a Road trip

Ginger and Nutmeg have done many road trips over the years. There is something exciting about planning any trip, the thrill of discovering a new destination or reaching a well-known endpoint. Packing for a car journey is much less hassle than air travel – no weight restrictions, no security lines, baggage limits are somewhat relaxed and there is no requirement to “undress” your laptop.

Montana passing by

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Paris Marche des Enfants Rouge

Old meets new, and France meets the world in this Parisian market. The trendy Marais district, the third arrondissement, spills northward with new housing and retail stores invading previously unattractive utilitarian spaces. In the midst of this budding urbanization is one of Paris’s oldest covered markets. The entrance off rue de Bretagne is unassuming; inside this compact culinary corner of the capital city is an artist’s palate of international cuisines. Market stalls flaunt glorious blooms in soft pastels and vibrant Crayola shades, seasonal fruit and vegetables from farms of Europe are piled high and fresh catch from the seas rest on icy cradles.

Market Fare

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The Blasket Centre on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Nutmeg has been fortunate enough to visit the Blasket Centre on the Slea Head drive twice, but she has yet to see this view.

The Blasket Islands

The Blaskets are a group of small islands located just off the coast of the Dingle peninsula in Ireland, the westernmost tip of the European continent. The largest of the islands is called the Great Blasket or An Blascaod Mór in Irish it was inhabited until 1953.

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Louis Mulcahy Pottery Brings the Irish Coast To life

The low-altitude, damp, misty, drizzle made for a cool Irish autumn day. Nutmeg was as the expression goes – chilled to the bone. However, Mother Nature’s blows vanished after her first spoonful of carrot-ginger soup. This core-warming broth and the classic brown bread were one of several choices on the market menu in the café at Louis Mulcahy Pottery located in Ballyferriter a remote part of the Dingle Peninsula.

Inch Beach, Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula - Ireland @GingerandNutmeg

Inch Beach, Slea Head Drive – Dingle Peninsula

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Sweet Treasure in the Canada Sweet Shop

Does working in a candy store sounds like a dream job?


Nutmeg was intrigued when she stumbled upon Dannah Davies’ company Canada Sweet Shop. Dannah was born in California, but her heart has been tied to Alberta from a young age. Currently, living in Calgary she says it would take a lot to uproot her, besides she is now lassoed to her sugary trade.

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Dingle Brewing Company Tom Crean’s Lager

Nutmeg does not really like beer, which may surprise some readers. If the truth were told, she may have consumed more than her fair share during her university days. So, a brewery tour was not high on her list of things to do in their short few days, in Ireland. The hook for Nutmeg is when an interesting product intersects with a unique history. That is certainly the case with the Dingle Brewing Company in County Kerry, Ireland; a story of water, a creamery, an explorer and a lager.

Dingle Brewing Company @GingerandNutmeg #Dingle #Ireland

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