More Spicy Friends

Nutmeg has already described some of her spicy friends in and earlier post. She thought it was time to provide some detail on some of the others and a bit of history at the same time.

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Mountain Pepper: now here is a man who never stops, a bit of an energizer bunny. He loves to bike, ski, golf and spend time with his gorgeous family.  What you probably did not know about pepper is his long history.  if you choose, you can read the whole thing for yourself on Wikipedia.  Here is a summary, pepper comes from a flowering vine, the fruit is dried and then ground for use. Peppercorns can be black (most common), white, green (immature black).  Pepper is native to South India, although extensively used in European cuisine (German: pfeffer , Dutch: peper, French: poivre). An interesting note; Pepper is sometimes used figuratively to mean spirit or energy – maybe that helps to explain his energy levels.  In any case Mountain Pepper is a special friend to many, both Ginger and Nutmeg are happy to be part of that grouping.

Curry Murray: What is not to love about Curry?  She is a dynamic, very accomplished Mum and wife.  She holds down a full-time job, a very full-time husband, two very busy kids and a real estate dynasty.  Curry is interesting as it is a widely used spice mixture, sometimes called masala powder.  The spices included in the mixture are turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, mustard, chili, black pepper and salt.  Curry powders are diverse depending on the region and the cuisine, they range from mild (yellow) to hot (red).  Nutmeg feels the name is well suited to this lovely lady as she has diverse interests and a wide spectrum of friends.

Sage: Is one of Nutmeg’s worldly friends and this is obvious from her history.  Sage has been used since ancient times for warding off evil, snakebites, increasing fertility and more.  It is believed that the Romans introduced it to Europe from Egypt as a medicinal herb. Did I mention that this gal is a care-giver in her work and at play?  As an herb, sage has a slightly peppery flavour.  In Western cooking, it is often used for flavouring fatty meats and cheeses. Sage is commonly used with lamb, poultry and pork.  This gal is one who will never shy away from a challenge, be it in her career or in her extra curricular activities.

Oregano: Is a fitting name for a guy who loves to cook.  This perennial herb is part of the mint family (see earlier blog on Mint).  Oregano is widely used in Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Latin American and Italian cooking.  One interesting fact is the dried herb is often more flavourful than the fresh.  Some classic uses for Oregano are Greek dishes; kebabs, greek salad and the very popular Italian pizza.  This all fits well with a dad, info geek, techno-junkie and great cook.

More Spicy Friends to follow in the future.

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