Coffee at Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters has recently opened a street front outlet in Marda Loop.  Nutmeg is now mobile, after ditching the crutches, so she thought that she would go and soak in the Saturday experience at the new location.  This group is pretty serious about their coffee as evidenced by the line-ups at the Farmer’s Market and new retail location.  The baristas get the orders out pretty quickly and the coffee is hot, so that deserves a check mark in Nutmeg’s books.  The design of the location is bright, clean and there is ample seating.  Marda Loop continues to evolve as a “go-to” retail strip and great inner city neighborhood, so the addition of Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters is welcome.

However, in Nutmeg’s view they miss the mark.  At 11am on a Saturday morning they have one (yes one) croissant left, someone has missed the mark in the ordering department.  The gal at the cash was pretty and efficient but maybe not the brightest – who puts a small latte in a large take-out mug?  The single location for sugar and other additives is at the far end of the space from the expresso bar, a bit of a traffic flow issue.  The space although attractive, is noisy.  Don’t take this the wrong way, Nutmeg loves noise and action but the acoustics need some work.

It could be early days, growing pains or maybe just some process changes.  However, for now Nutmeg says:  Under Review.

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