The Dreaded European Shower

Nutmeg loves Europe and the UK.  What is not to love?  There is great history, wonderful art and architecture, fantastic food, endless wine and vast cultures.  They just have no idea about showers.  Europeans and the Brits love to differ on many things but the dreaded Euro shower is consistent from country to country.  In the UK they tend to love hot baths and view the shower as a demon invention, only necessary to serve North American tastes.  Broadly used in the UK and other countries is a hand-held shower.  What this means is trying to hold the hose and nozzle in one hand while trying to soap, shampoo and shave with the other – please advise if you have perfected this circus trick.  The only method that Nutmeg has seemed to find marginally successful is to sit in the tub and use the sides of the bath as a bit of a barrier.  Some bathrooms are quite modern, instead of the hand-held the shower head is installed on an adjustable pole on the wall – nice feature to accommodate all heights.  The problem?  They install a single 12 inch pane of glass as the water barrier.  Nutmeg has tried all sorts of contortions but the conclusion is there is NO WAY not to get the bathroom soaked.  Hopefully, the hotel has not been skimpy on towels – you will need them all.  Hence the dreaded Euro shower.

On the subject of bathrooms.  Nutmeg is still wondering why they insist on installing the darn bidet (the use of which started in 1710) and cannot provide a real hairdryer?  As Nutmeg’s friend HP Sauce would say “can you really dry your hair with a toaster?”

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