Celebrating The Milestones

Hot Sauce has a milestone birthday this week.  Although, she does not want to advertise the specifics, let us just say that it starts with a “7”.  So in order to celebrate Nutmeg’s family converged in Toronto for a weekend of celebration.  Nutmeg’s sister Bernaise decided that they would host the weekend event.  This is no small undertaking as the family is well practiced in the art of consumption on many levels.  In fact there was an emergency run to the LCBO  (“Large Central Booze Organization”  or as Nutmeg calls it the Ontario liquor monopoly) to refill the stock of wine.  It was almost a national emergency!!!   There is no question that the LCBO has been able to position themselves well in the marketplace – some might call it a monopoly….the Avenue road store is impressive with a two-level underground, heated parkade and four freight elevators to make sure you are not restricted by what you can carry.  Nutmeg is convinced the LCBO margins are pretty good.  🙂

To celebrate the big milestone birthday, Bernaise called in Chef Gabe of Chef Revolution. Chef Gabe is not only talented but very accommodating as the family dynamics range from 2 years to the early 70’s.  We were treated to many fantastic appetizers; shrimp and lobster cakes, Ahi tuna crisps, risotto balls and shrimp and fig crostini.  That might have been enough for dinner but Chef Gabe followed with a spinach and berry salad, an orange sorbet (“palate cleanser”), pan roasted red snapper with mixed pepper slaw.  Gabe wanted to make sure no one went home hungry so he whipped up a desert platter with tastes of creme caramel,  coconut ice cream, chocolate cherry tart ….very few were able to make it through the selection although Ginger gave it a college try.

Bernaise and her hubby Scoobie (who wants to be known as Sizzle Zone) were fantastic hosts and the whole family had a great opportunity to reconnect.

The ingredients for a successful family reunion:

  • Alcohol to keep the conversation going
  • Good food
  • Kids to remind us of how simple the pleasures can be
  • The Master’s to make sure there is a good excuse to get away from the group dynamic

Happy Birthday Hot Sauce!!

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