Would you eat Sushi in the Desert

If you were stuck on a desert island what would you eat?

If you are visiting Palm Desert what would you eat??

The choices on an island are slim and in Palm Desert are vast, although far from fantastic.  In Palm Desert (and most of the surrounding area) it is a safe bet you will find lots of food chains, big restaurants, large menus, sizable helpings and mediocre food.  Nutmeg says this may sound terrible and although it is not a crisis, you need to try hard to find the gems – don’t worry this is one challenge she is always up for!

One of these gems is NO DA TE on El Paseo in Palm Desert .  This small sushi restaurant has never disappointed.  The sushi chef and owner Shin is very involved, if he is not making sushi he is in the restaurant making sure the quality is just so.  Ideally, try to sit at the sushi bar to catch the food preparation in progress and the people scene developing – neither of which disappoint.  The people scene usually involves some enhanced body parts, large hair, bright very white smiles and possibly some illicit couples…lots of fun if the food prep is boring.

The food will not disappoint.  They have many really creative inside and outside rolls.  Nutmeg has voted M-63 her favorite with shrimp tempura and spicy tuna.  The carpaccios are awesome too – the halibut and yellow tail were fantastic this week – always ask the chef for his recommendations.  In addition, they have specials and ladies nights with half-price rolls so it is worth checking into if you are in town.

So whether you are stuck on a desert island or Palm Desert you will be great hands if you visit NO DA TE.


NOTE:  the other great rolls to try are No Name 5, B-Kevin and GSP 2 (it’s not on the board as for a GSP with Spicy Tuna)

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