Coffee Oasis in the California Desert

Nutmeg could not be happier to discover some coffee options in the land of Starbucks.  The alternative coffee-house options much like really good restaurant options in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and most of Riverside County are limited.  There are of course the ubiquitous Starbucks outlets in almost every second strip mall.  However, as you may have gathered that is almost the land of last resort for Nutmeg.  In fact she is on a bit of a quest to find a great brew, so she can report back to her friend Expresso and at the same time support the small entrepreneur in the David and Goliath fight.  The great news is there are a few coffee oasis options in the desert.

In Palm Springs, the Koffi Kitchen is a must, located at 515 North Palm Canyon Drive at Alejo.  The store fronts on the main drag and backs on to a quiet green space shared by the other tenants.  The expresso menu is extensive and the drinks are served hot and strong.  They have great food choices for breakfast and lunch.  They even have a gluten-free chocolate cookie that might make the rest of us cave.   Serious brew and worth a visit, check out the Koffi Kitchen.

In Palm Desert, Il Sogno has opened on El Paseo to serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They serve really decent coffee in a small restaurant that is a cross between a French pastry shop and an Italian coffee shop.  The breakfast menu includes; fresh fruit and granola, smoked salmon, poached eggs and breakfast panini.  The lunch and dinner menus appear to be the same with a selection of soups, salads and antipasto plates.  Nutmeg and Cinnamon checked the place out on Sunday morning.  The service was terrific and the coffee very good.  Unfortunately due to poor choices, the ladies were disappointed in their selections; the breakfast wrap was really heavy and greasy and panini did not get top marks either.  Nutmeg will go back for the coffee, skip the healthy stuff and order the fantastic pastries the next time.

Nutmeg is still hunting for more to add to her list of Coffee Oasis in the Desert……

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