Kaffa Coffee and Salsa House – It is Quirky

Some of you may think that Nutmeg is quick to form an opinion and in many cases you might be on the mark.  The truth is the case of Kaffa Coffee and Salsa House in Marda Loop (Calgary SW) she has tried to find the nugget in this place over several visits.  It has certainly been around for a long time, the parking is good and free (you have to pay just down the block), they have a sunny patio and the coffee is hot.  The place however is quite tired both inside and out.  The interior consists of four rooms with a very eclectic selection of furniture and artifacts.  They offer a very wide selection of breakfast and lunch fare….so wide Nutmeg wonders what they really do well.  The baked goods are clearly not baked on site and maybe not even in the last day.  The salsa reference is confusing too as there is clearly no room to salsa inside and who really wants salsa with their coffee?  The good news is there is clearly a dedicated clientele, as the place has been busy to very busy every time Nutmeg has gone.  However, despite the good location Nutmeg would only barely give this a passing grade on coffee and food.


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