Aroma Cafe Authentic Mexican in Canmore

Canmore has lots of choice in restaurants, although not much ethnic variety beyond sushi and a few restaurants with Asian influences (please let Nutmeg know if anyone ever goes to the Chinese restaurant…she does not think so).

The Aroma Cafe is now located on Canmore’s Main Street (it used to be co-located with Zonas on 9th Street) and likely has to pay crazy Canmore retail rent as a result of their new location.  They have a warm, casual interior with a combination of table seating, banquets and a small shaded patio.  Ginger, Nutmeg, CardaMOM and Montreal Steak Spice ventured over for a Sunday morning breakfast.   The drip coffee is decent and hot.  The breakfast options include the usual fare along with Mexican influenced breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, Mexican scrambled eggs and your choice omlettes – all dishes come with sides of very decent crispy potatoes, spicy green tomatillo sauce and black beans.  The service is attentive yet not too overbearing for early morning.

This is a family owned and operated establishment.  The chef came out to visit after our table had finished eating, to introduce himself and to bask in some well deserved credit for a great breakfast.  They expect their full liquor license this week, which will make for a wonderful excuse for Ginger and Nutmeg to wonder back for some authentic Mexican fajitas, enchiladas, tostados and maybe one or two cold cervezas.

The Aroma Cafe will definitely be on the hit list for Chili and Hot Sauce on their next visit to Canmore.  If you like Mexican food at any time of the day go and check it out!

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