A Cuppa Joe in Whistler

If your daily coffee cravings are satisfied by the retail chain with the green and white signage, you do not need Nutmeg’s help.  For that, there is an app you can download on your phone, and several locations to choose from.   If you want to support some local businesses, and experience a bit of the Whistler Village culture, while drinking your favourite cuppa joe then read on.

Nutmeg has scouted and sampled around the town, this is the quick run-down (excluding on-hill options):

  • Hot Buns Bakery – slightly tucked away off the Village Stroll. This location offers croissants, crepes, paninis, muffins and daily soups.  The crepes are quite good although the timing is off, as there appears to be a bottle-neck in the production (Nutmeg has decided to study this in France next year 🙂 ).  They serve good strong Lavazza expresso coffee and they get those orders done quickly.  Worth a visit, although not if you have time constraints.
  • Moguls Coffee House – this place is located in “centre ice” in the very busy Whistler Village square.  They have good signage so you will have no trouble finding them. They offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch options.  Moguls has a solid environmental focus with compostable cups and linguini for stir sticks. They have enormous muffins and cookies (still working on the one we bought 3 days ago). The coffee is passable, although pretty weak.  Moguls is not a place to sit an linger, there is really limited seating.  It is the place, to check out the local snowboard or downhill bike crowd, as Moguls offers good portion size and value for money.
  • Lift Coffee Company – located right at the base of the Whistler gondola they have a primo spot in both summer and winter.  The “Lift” has a fabulous patio in the summer. Their coffee is very good, it may be the best in the village. The food selection is broad including vegetarian options.  The food is beautifully displayed and the presentation is excellent.  The Lift Coffee Company gets high marks all around with Nutmeg.
  • Ingrid’s Village Cafe – is a little bit hard to spot off the Village Square, but that is how the locals like it, as the tourists might just miss it.  Ingrid’s offers huge deli sandwiches, burgers and daily soups. They also have a good hot and hearty breakfast selection. Specialty coffees are just ok, so don’t go for the coffee. Definitely a favourite local spot for decent food.  They have really limited indoor seating, so it is not a spot for lingering.
  • Garbanzo Bike and Bean – very central at the base of Whistler the food and coffee is at best barely average.
  • Upper Village – of course if you really need to get away from the action go to the Blackcomb base (upper village) and check out Portobello at the Fairmont Chateau. They have a really decent cafeteria style selection and coffee. Warning….the upper village might be considered a bit dull.  😉

So there are many options to satisfy your coffee (cuppa joe) cravings at Whistler and several alternatives to hang out with the locals.


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