Calgary’s Holy Grill The Holy Grail of Hashbrowns

Most of you who know Nutmeg, already understand that french fries, chicken wings, chips, onion rings, Cheezies and Kraft dinner do not factor into her diet much if at all.  The odd fry, one or two onion rings and that is definitely Nutmeg’s limit.  Ginger on the other hand loves ALL of it!

The Holy Grill, is located right across from Mountain Equipment Coop on 10th Avenue in Calgary.  It has been a restaurant for a while although the name has changed a few times.  It is definitely not fancy and the drill is quite straightforward.  There is no table service so you need to make a decision, place your order at the counter, find a seat and wait for your name to be called and then pick up your meal.  They do breakfast and lunch only.

The breakfast menu includes the traditional (to your specifications – Nutmeg is particular and it was perfect),  the Bennies (variations on eggs benedict) and a variety of breakfast sandwiches (paninis and “Mcmuffins”). The lunch menu is basically a selection of paninis and burgers, with enough choice to satisfy most palates. The food is good, fresh and made to order.  The hash browns however are the “holy grail”  they are the perfect balance of crisp, with a hint of grease and a the right salt balance.  The best part is of course they are gluten free for those of you who have concerns.  The coffee is mediocre and definitely not highly promoted.

Some of the other real positives with the Holy Grill are they have some patio space out back that on a sunny day, would be perfect (Ginger and Nutmeg were there on a rainy day).  There is free parking in adjacent lot so you do not need to pay the Calgary Parking Authority a dime :-).

Bottom line? The Holy Grill is definitely the holy grail of hash browns – Nutmeg did not even share with Ginger!


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