Moving Is For the Birds

Ginger and Nutmeg have lived in the same house for 18 years. They had an outrageous thought. Why not rent the house?  That way they could better justify their time in France.



Well the move is finally over, most of the boxes are gone, and the two-some has finally started to talk to each other again. It was a little tense for a while.


Rather than bore you with the details of their move, Nutmeg prepared this list of inherent personality traits that can surface during a relocation process:

  • The Reflector – A bit like Rodin’s famous bronze sculpture “The Thinker” this person spends a lot of time reviewing high school photos and deciding whether it makes sense to keep the old Adidas track shoes.
  • The Tosser – Garbage day cannot come fast enough for this person, the bin is full every week, and there are never second thoughts. At least not until the camera charge cord is missing.
  • Last Minute Larry/Loretta – Probably does not need much explanation. This guy (or gal) starts working on projects that have been on the “To Do” list for years – in order to avoid packing.
  • The Re-gifter – Relatives and unsuspecting friends are showered with “gifts” of useless treasures that have been unearthed from the depths of closets.
  • List Maker Mike/Mary – This process is a dream for a list maker. Guaranteed to bring out the inner project manager, who is just dying to cross things off their checklist.


Which one of the above (or combination) is Ginger?

What about Nutmeg?

How would you classify your move personality?

Ginger and Nutmeg celebrated the end of their move with the local birds of Florida. Enjoy the photos and, please give us your comments.


Black bird


Black Anhinga


  1. Purple Martin House
  2. Alligator
  3. Blue Grey Heron
  4. Blue Grey Heron
  5. Fish Crow
  6. Hibiscus
  7. Black Anhinga

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