Flute Music in Eygalieres Provence

The local newspaper and the affiche (poster) at the bakery confirmed that there would be a concert at the church on Sunday.

Dimanche Juillet 22

à 18h30 à L’Eglise : Pour la 6ème année

Concert gratuit de musique classique

« De L’Espagne à L’Argentine »

 Flûte et avec Julie Scolnik et Olivier Pelmoine à la guitare

Organisé par Le Foyer Rural et le Comité Paroissial


A mistral wind had been howling consecutively for two days with gusts up to 75km. The blustery weather causing the leaves on the Platane (Plane Trees) to be so loud it was a struggle to be heard. This north wind is said to drive some people crazy. Ginger thinks Nutmeg might just be a candidate.

Seated in the village church sheltered within the thick, limestone walls, it was calm out of the wild wind. Ginger and Nutmeg were attending a free musical production offered in Eygalières each summer. The show was classical flute and guitar, with a focus on the folk harmonies of Spain and Argentina. Community organizers hope to make the music affordable and accessible to the community. The artists donate their time and energy.

Julie Scolinik Concert

It is possible, that Christmas services garner this level of attendance, but certainly not the case for regular Sunday services. The poster was incorrect start time was 19:00h at that point every pew, chair and horizontal surface was taken. Standing room only.

Julie Scolnik is a professional flutist and artistic director of Mistral Music, in Massachusetts. She was beautiful in a long purple sundress paired perfectly with her Provencal summer tan. Concertgoers were treated to sweet and exotic notes from Julie’s flute.

Julie Scolinik Concert

Her musical partner for the evening, Olivier Pelmoine made his way from Dijon. He was adept at coaxing the sensual, romantic rhythms of Spain and Argentina from his electric guitar. He was able to play his guitar so masterfully that Nutmeg had to check that he only had one instrument. The sounds of drumming and an astonishing range of notes all weaved from a single 6-string guitar.

Olivier Pelmoine in Eygalieres

The duo played tangos and intimate Spanish melodies for well over an hour. Despite the fact that the artists had only been able to squeeze in a couple short rehearsals before the event, it was not obvious to the audience. Julie and Olivier are masters with their instruments. Through musical tracks they artistically presented the history of the tango from the early 1900s until the present day.


Following the concert an apéro of local rosé was offered in the old village, how wonderfully French.

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