The School of Epicurus in Provence

There have been volumes written on the teachings of Epicurus, which will not be repeated here.  He and his followers would meet in his garden, around 307 BC. The philosophy of Epicureanism evolved from those encounters.

In the Epicurean view, the highest pleasure (tranquility and freedom from fear) was obtained by knowledge, friendship, and living a virtuous and temperate life.

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Lead a simple life.


That is an excellent thought, as the leaves are turning on the trees, in the northern hemisphere, and the final crops are being harvested. We should all spend some time celebrating the bounty of the season. Nutmeg decided that the following post might be a bit of fun to get everyone in the mood. (Note: you may want to get your kids to help you)

To start, a few words and images related to the gathering of mature crops:

Harvest =  Récolte  = Vendange

What are the seven types of vegetables?

Bulb Vegetables


Fruit Vegetables


Inflorescent Vegetables


Leaf Vegetables


Root Vegetables

 More Carrots

Stalk Vegetables

Rainbow Chard

Tuber Vegetables

Pot au Feu ingredients

If you had difficulty identifying some of the vegetables, it might be a terrific idea to book an appointment with your nutritionist. Celebrate the joys of market-fresh produce by looking through our market gallery.

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