Anglo-French Wars

The centuries of Anglo-French wars are overwhelming, even for those most dedicated to the subject. Battles for geographic territory and ideological control started in Roman times. In one short post, it would be impossible to provide sufficient detail on this lengthy history of conflict.

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Instead, here is a list of a few of the famous engagements:

  • 1066 – The Battle of Hastings – the Norman conquest of England,  by William the Conqueror
  • 1337 – 1453 The Hundred Years’ War – technically 116 years and numerous battles
  • 1755 – 1763 The Seven Years’ War – the fight over control of North America which the British won
  • 1779 – 1783 The American Revolution – the French aided the American rebel troops in forcing a British surrender
  • 1792 – 1802 The French Revolution – the British were opposed to the anti-monarchical ideals of the French
  • 1803 – 1815  The Napoleonic Wars – in 1810 the French Empire at its broadest reach, then Napoleon was defeated

And so on…

In other words, the British and French have been opponents for a long time.

The happy news is now in the 21st century, the Anglo-French battles seem to be over issues that are not life threatening. Who has the most Michelin starred chefs? Where to find the best French pastries? Which French wine gets the top ratings? In fact in some cases, it is difficult to know whether you are in the UK or France.  Enjoy the photos!!





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