5 Reasons You Must Visit Plan a Visit to Australia’s Noosa Headlands

Despite early beginnings (1879) as a protected area, the Noosa Headlands would not exist if real estate developers had been successful in their push for further coastal development. Luckily for visitors and residents today, park advocates won their bid to protect the natural landscape in the 1960s. Read more about the Noosa Parks Association here.

Noosa Surfers #Noosa @Noosa

So, why should you visit the Noosa Headlands?

Here are 5 reasons:

Fabulous views

Parapont #VisitNoosa @Noosa

Hiking Trails

Noosa National Park Headland Section walking tracks map @Noosa #VisitNoosa


Alexandra Bay Views @Noosa #VisitNoosa Alexandra Bay Views


Noosa Surfers #Noosa @Noosa Noosa Surfers #Noosa @Noosa Noosa Surfers #Noosa @Noosa

Tempt the Devil

Hells Gate #VisitNoosa @Noosa

Travel Resources for Noosa Headlands and the Sunshine Coast:

Noosa Tourism

Queensland Parks

Queensland Tourism

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