Mountain Mercato in Canmore

As you might have gathered thus far, Nutmeg loves good coffee or to be more specific, espresso.  Thankfully, Canmore has some good options in this regard.

Mountain Mercato is located on Main Street in Canmore. This storefront is a few things; deli, coffee shop, specialty food store and a place for a light meal.  Recently, Mountain Mercato expanded their location and created a seating area inside as well as additional street-side patio seats.  Nutmeg has pretty much avoided this place as it is quite pretentious for Canmore.

However, Nutmeg is also insanely curious when it comes to food, retail and of course coffee.  So she decided to head over for a latte after yoga this morning.  The inside expansion has been well done, the seating is very bistro style and well appointed, it looks like it belongs.  The service bar has been expanded allowing for more barrista space.  The outdoor patio seating is awkward as it is essentially two sections separated by a walkway to allow the upstairs tenants access to their office.  This morning Canmore was blessed with a few rays of sun between rain showers, so Nutmeg sat on the patio reading the newspaper.  She had been under the impression that this place was only for tourists – wrong!  In fact 5 out of 6 tables were occupied by locals meeting for social or business reasons.  This is good news for Mountain Mercato as they need local traffic to sustain them through the not so busy months of the year.

In the store they carry specialty Italian foods, several brands of coffee, expensive dry pasta, good extra virgin olive oil, cured meats, specific spices.  They make panini sandwiches and there is usually a daily soup special. Nutmeg still feels that Mountain Mercato is expensive, the latte at $5.25 might be the most expensive in town.  The barrista staff are not unfriendly, although could be described as reserved  🙁 .  So if you are looking for a unique ingredient for dinner, a special treat or want to act like you can afford a really expensive coffee in Canmore – check it out.

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