Northland Village Market in Calgary

This is a RE-POST.  Technology as you know can be a benefit or a curse…  So in case you missed this the first time.  🙂

Nutmeg is not directionally challenged (that she will admit) although it is possible that she may not always consider the directions exactly.  She was pretty sure that she knew exactly where to find this market.  Well not quite – after battling rush-hour traffic and circling the whole of Market Mall she realized that the Google Map instructions would have been helpful… In any case she arrived and it was fun despite the cold weather.

Grassroots Farmers Market

On Tuesday afternoons in the summer months there is a farmers’ market at Northland Village Shoppes (5111 Northland Drive NW).  The market is officially called the Grassroots Farmers’ Market, a name that is reflective of the fact there are some honest to goodness vendors selling really fresh produce, a lot of which is Alberta grown.  There are about 30-35 vendors, mostly produce, prepared foods and baked goods.  There are a few stands with crafts and hand made jewelry.  There are some unique stands and some repeats with other city/local markets.  Here is part of the list:

  • Michelle’s Market, from Brooks – fresh vegetables, good root vegetable selection
  • Pick N’ Pack, from Lacombe – great tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers etc.
  • San Vito Coffee – fair trade and well priced
  • Bee Prepared  – this might be obvious… they sell honey and associated products
  • Noble gardens
  • Barbara’s Polish Catering
  • Jam goddess – does not need any further explanation…
  • Ukrainian Fine Foods – cabbage rolls and perogies
  • Dor Bel Fine Foods – flash frozen seafood
  • My bread baking
  • Tim’s Gourmet Frozen Pizza
  • Blush Lane Organic Produce
  • Buffalo Meat  – self explanatory
  • Highwood Valley  Ranch – beef
  • Sugar N’ Spice Gluten Free Baking
  • Prairie Bread Company
  • Wright Veggies, from Taber
  • Route 40 Soup Company – Ginger and Nutmeg tried the Chicken Chorizo Corn Chowder (to die for!) and at least 20 flavors in all
  • Twisted Basil – great baking
  • Crusty Bread Farm – Ginger is trying the multi-grain bread (and really happy about it…)

So Nutmeg’s review: great selection, good parking, easy to find (if you follow the directions).  However, it is very urban so…..close your eyes and pretend for a few moments you are not at a shopping mall.

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