Calgary’s Coup the food is so good you forget it is vegetarian

Poor Ginger he is a good Albertan boy and essentially refuses to try anything that resembles a purely vegetarian focused restaurant.  Only once, in the last decade, has he acquiesced and tried dinner at The Coup on 17th Avenue in Calgary – he complained the whole time about being too hot and did not like the organic wine…..  Needless to say Nutmeg has decided that he is not worth the effort, so she only goes to this restaurant with her girlfriends.  Yes! The food is good enough to forget (or remember) that is is pure vegetarian and really healthy.

The Coup has expanded their space and opened a funky lounge bar right next door called MEET – so no more waiting outside in Calgary weather for a table, you can now have a drink in the lounge and wait – thumbs up from Nutmeg!

Recently, Cinnamon and Nutmeg started their evening at MEET with a summer cocktail: watermelon, watermelon vodka, orange and soda, very refreshing but one is enough.  Then the ladies shared a starter of beatnuts (beats blended with soynuts) goat cheese pate and cucumber slices.  The mains are all great choices and vary from falafel quesadillas, tacos, the upstream burger, linguine and a spicy hot pot.  The portions are good size, the flavours great and it’s all good for you.  Go visit The Coup you will forget you are eating vegetarian food.

Poor Ginger he still refuses to visit although recently admitted he might be tempted by the watermelon cocktail…. progress?  🙂

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