Sushi with a View in Canmore

It is a funny thing, how Ginger and Nutmeg (both Virgos) have so many friends with the same birth sign.  It could be some sort of natural selection occurring, as it is  quite obvious that all the very cool, sporty, beautiful people are Virgos.  Or maybe it is the fact that November is typically a cold, dark month and what else are you going to do…babies arrive about nine months later.  In any case August and September are a great chance for Ginger and Nutmeg to celebrate birthdays with their buddies.

There is a restaurant in Canmore named  Wild Orchid Asian Bistro and Lounge, it is located the Silver Creek Lodge.  The lodge is located on “gasoline alley” just off the Trans-Canada.  The restaurant is at the back of the lodge and once you arrive you quickly forget that you are so close to a busy thoroughfare.  There is a small sushi bar and a fairly large dining area.  The room is Asian-Zen in decor and quite attractive.  However, the best thing about this establishment is the outstanding view from their deck.  Other than one cell/radio tower there is an unobstructed view of the entire mountain range and the Three Sisters.  The deck has about 6-8 tables, depending on the configuration and one highly coveted fire pit.  Unfortunately, there are no heaters on the deck so the outdoor dining season is incredibly short.

Mountain Pepper, Cayenne, Ginger and Nutmeg decided it was time to celebrate the Virgo birthdays and booked a table at Wild Orchid.  The evening was picture perfect, although a bit cool (we were counting on deck heaters).  The menu is definitely predominately Asian with a wide selection of appetizers like edamame, tuna tataki, seven spice scallops.  The sushi is creative, beautifully prepared.  The main courses are hearty although Cayenne and Nutmeg tried the Black Cod and it was a bit disappointing.  The wine list is short which is fine given the type of cuisine.

The downside of our evening was our waiter who was clearly not very interested in being too friendly or overtaxing himself.  The restaurant hours seem to be limited although, they advertise “open until late”…. that must translate to we close the kitchen at 9pm and would prefer if you did not stick around too long….

So plan to ignore your waiter and celebrate with your friends.  There is great sushi in Canmore at the Wild Orchid, enjoy the view, stick with starters and the sushi.

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