Stuck in Provence

Really, who would believe that?

Jade in the Bow River

Nutmeg has tried to explain a little to me about air travel. Apparently, there are sturdy metal birds (airplanes) that fly long distances over open water with hundreds of passengers, baggage and sometimes dogs. Sounds a bit dangerous.

Currently, the largest bird is an Airbus A380 that can fit 525 people. Sounds mighty cozy.

Provencal Market Bags

Nutmeg told me about codeshare when two different airlines agree to share a flight. They even use the same airplane and provide the same mediocre food. However, to make sure no one can figure it out they use different flight numbers.

Market stalls

There is also a thing called baggage restrictions that seem to mean:

  • you can take a tooth brush but no toothpaste
  • you can go to a sunny place with 100ml of sunscreen
  • you are not allowed to pack any snacks
  • you should leave your knitting needles behind
  • you must squish everything you need into one bag weighing less than 25kg


Ginger tried to explain that there are classes of tickets: First, Business, Economy and Cargo. First Class sounds pretty decent to me. Just to keep everyone confused the airlines also use letters F, P, C, J and Y. I am not sure but none of those letters sound like A or gold star. Maybe the airlines need to go back to grade school.

Calanque de Sormiou

All of that background to explain that Nutmeg tells me that she was stuck in Provence for 3.5 months with a J class/non-refundable/non-transferable ticket on a codeshare flight.

Provencal windows

A tremendous THANK YOU to all my handlers. Who needs French bread and cheese anyway?


Do you believe her?


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