7 Quick Tips for Travel with a Pampered Pet

I almost slept with a strange lady in Las Vegas.

Well not exactly, but she offered!

Our Dog Jade @GingerandNutmeg

Las Vegas is not terribly far from Palm Desert, just a little over four-hours in the back of a fully loaded car. Nutmeg’s logic was to generate some northward-ly momentum toward Canada, but not to abandon the palm trees too quickly.

A long way from no where

Admittedly, I am a bit of a pampered princess, so in a town like Las Vegas I fit right in. The hotel was lovely, at check-in they gave Nutmeg a few doggie treats and some instructions regarding our stay. I was welcome at the property, but not to stay in the room by myself. That was a bit of a drag as I would have been happy to watch Downton Abbey on TV while they went out.

Las Vegas View

Instead, we went for a little walk along the strip, which is not exactly an off-leash park. After that G&N were thirsty, so they took the fellow up on his 2-for-1-drink offer at the rooftop bar. We all took the elevator to the top floor for drinks and a look at the view. I was positively welcome with lots of pats and tons of hugs. Unfortunately, not a single French fry or beef slider came my way, although, I did get propositioned by a lady in “Sin City” (see above).

I thought I would share a few tips on travelling with your own pet.

  1. Some hotels are a little more welcoming than others. Here are a few trusty websites: Pet Friendly Hotels –  This website is easy to use and allows for searches in most major cities around the world. Pet’s Welcome – This website is for the US only. Pet Hotels of America –  A good website, offers relevant local information for the city you search, including parks, restaurants etc.. Bring Fido –  Covers most major global destinations
  2. Read the fine print on the  hotel pet fee! Even hotels that indicate they are “friendly” may have hefty, non-refundable fees.
  3. Paperwork – make sure to travel with your pet’s current paperwork. You need this if you are crossing international borders or if you have to see a vet. Keep your regular vet’s contact information handy as a precaution. This is a good site for emergency vets: Pet Flight for the USA  and Pet Health a good resource for some initial health research.
  4. Meals – I may be out of my routine, but I am still hungry. Carry extra water and dry food for me, please.
  5. Put my name on my collar or tags. What happens if I win big in the casino?
  6. Don’t forget the “bling” – register my microchip with Petlynx
  7. It is not all about you. Pick a destination that might have a little entertainment for me too! Beaches, off-leash parks, hiking or maybe just a walk down the Las Vegas strip.


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