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Provence captures people with its amazing charms, and hidden adventures as soon as they arrive in this magical region of southern France. This is just the kind of place where you are not sure how the transformation happened, but all of a sudden you are a fan.

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Maybe, it was your first aperitif of chilled rosé or a curious amazement as to why anyone might what to drink a cloudy yellow liquid called Pastis, but now you are an Wines of Provence fan.

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Possibly, it was the never ending BOUTIQUE from regional markets to traditional handicrafts.

Provence market bags #Provence #Markets @GingerandNutmegOr, was it the infinite options from museums, ancient ruins, hikes, classic bike rides, gourmet tours and wine tasting that prompted you to EXPLORE Provence?

If you managed to brace yourself from the Provencal charms, your willpower might fall apart when it comes to the TASTE of local, seasonal foods prepared to order. It is an agricultural breadbasket of fresh flavours.

Provencal Dining #PerfectlyProvence @GingerandNutmegFinally, a bit exhausted by the sensory experience in this cobalt-sky paradise you succumb and STAY, to experience a few of the 300 annual days of sunshine.

A window in Provence #Provence @GingerandNutmegOur team of writers and area experts who have already been converted by Provence’s charms bring a collection of articles to your inbox. The list of CONTRIBUTORS can be found at the bottom of this page here.

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