A to Z of Biking the Romantic Road in Germany

Finally, after a year of talking about biking the Romantic Road through Bavaria, the group was at the start of the route in Würzburg. Ginger and Nutmeg’s friends had flown from Calgary via Italy, so they were on the correct time clock, but their bikes needed reassembling. As far as Nutmeg was concerned, that was just fine, considering the temperature might have been 11 Celsius that morning. You can read more detail about their trip here.

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Biking Through Bavaria on Germany’s Romantic Road

Ginger and Nutmeg’s group of friends were all interested in cycling the Romantic Road in Germany for different reasons. Still, it was clear that sausage, sauerkraut, and artisan beers were a common denominator. However, no one was too excited to begin the bike journey in cold-weather gear in the face of single-digit temperatures.

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