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Ginger and Nutmeg have done many road trips over the years. There is something exciting about planning any trip, the thrill of discovering a new destination or reaching a well-known endpoint. Packing for a car journey is much less hassle than air travel – no weight restrictions, no security lines, baggage limits are somewhat relaxed and there is no requirement to “undress” your laptop.

Montana passing by

On this particular trip, they followed a path well worn by Alberta license plates escaping the cold. A long two-day run on divided asphalt trails that stretch from Calgary to Palm Desert. The route passes through Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finally California covering a total of 2,530km.


Roadtrip Photos, Road Trip Essentials #RoadTrip @GingerandNutmeg

Along the way, the stunning, natural surroundings progress from rolling plains and expansive livestock grazing lands to impressive jagged granite peaks and powerful crimson cliffs. These geological formations that were first created 150 million years ago continue to be etched by blustery winds and seasonal precipitation.


Road trip Photos, Road Trip Essentials, Photos from the road, #Roadtrip @GingerandNutmeg

Unfortunately, endless billboards promoting health insurance and impossibly tall pylon signs dot the magnificent vistas. These signage “skyscrapers” offer utterly no aesthetic value serving only a pure marketing purpose by flogging the endless fast food options.

Zion views - Utah

Along the way, retail food outlets compete for your hard earned cash; regrettably the menu alternatives generally fall into the category of awful. It is almost impossible to find a dish that is not loaded with chicken, cheese and high-fat toppings. Beer, wine, guns, ammunition and oversized bags of orange marshmallows are far easier to find than a decent espresso. This voyage is not one highlighted by Michelin starred restaurants.

Here is Nutmeg’s Top 10 road trip checklist:

  1. Gas it may seem obvious but read this post.
  2. GPS and Map, the new technology is impressive but not fail proof and a map helps the passenger feel as though they are contributing.
  3. Music or audio books to fill the silent moments.
  4. A sense of humour when a small green bug appears from your fast-food salad.
  5. Chocolate and snacks to help pass the time.
  6. Mobile phone (with a camera) and charger are vital for safety reasons but also keep your co-pilot occupied.
  7. Credit card and photo ID you can expect to be carded, in Utah, it is the law not because you look 19.
  8. No services, they are not kidding it means just that – NADA
  9. A spare tire you just never know…
  10. An appetite for junk food

What would you add to the Road Trip Top 10 list?


Arizona with Panorama Shot at Speed


Image Details: All photos were taken with an iPhone

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