26 Discoveries about Travel in Greece

Regular Ginger and Nutmeg readers know by now that Nutmeg cannot resist creating an ABC list for a new destination. The exercise allows her to discover some unusual facts that may help her out some day when she is playing Trivial Pursuit.

Enjoy a voyage to Greece and learn a few things about this remarkable country in through the next 26 letters.City Link #Athens #Greece #VisitGreece @GingerandNutmeg

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Bratsera Hotel Sets the Bar for Tranquility in Hydra

Hydra is a short 90-minute ferry ride from Piraeus port in Athens making it a popular getaway for Athenians and for those tourists wanting to sample the Greek islands. Hydra is also fashionable, as it remains one of the few islands with practically no vehicles. You can visit this Saronic Island by foot, by donkey or via boat-taxi.

Bratsera Hotel Hydra #Bratsera #Hydra #Greece

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