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Shop our collection of handcrafted and limited-production French products. We feature beautiful items for home décor, accessories, beauty products, and gifts. These companies focus on traditional designs and promoting artisanal culture. In addition, our partners are environmentally conscious and work only with top-quality materials. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us via our contact form.


Our made-in-France collection showcases some of our favourite products for beauty care, home décor, gifts and more.


Our partners are creators and innovators who source top-quality materials and follow eco-friendly practices.


Our products support a community of talented artisans, whether they are creating a new art form or reviving a traditional craft.

Ginger and Nutmeg Featured on CBC’s Canada Writes

Early Canadian pioneers gathered around rough-cut wooden tables and huddled near to their wood-burning stoves while arctic winter winds blasted outside their timber doors. As they sat in their rustic kitchens, in 1922, they might have turned on the radio to listen to what is now known as the Canadian Broadcasting Company/Radio-Canada (CBC).


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Join the Book Party with Le French Book

After much hard work, a notable book was launched today. Publisher, Le French Book, love both books and France and they have set out to share both by bringing acclaimed French books to an English audience.

French Flags

Edgar Award-winning author Thomas H. Cook calls Sylvie Granotier’s The Paris Lawyer “a beautifully written and elegantly structured novel of a woman’s attempt to solve the central mystery of her life, and several other mysteries along the way.”  Cosmopolitan says it “will keep you reading late into the night.”  The story takes you from sophisticated Paris to the rural outreaches of France, where rolling countryside holds dark secrets.

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Awesome One very cool blog

OK it’s true confession time here –  Nutmeg just wants you read her blog so typically would not promote the competition….

So today is different this blog is called 1,000 Awesome Things.  The blog has won awards and Neil Pasricha has just published a book called “The Book of Awesome”.  He posts a new awesome thing every week day.  Check out some of the posts:  The first scoop of peanut butter, Rain Hair, Snow days….

Enjoy all things Awesome it is one very cool blog.  BUT not too much – keep reading Ginger and Nutmeg.  🙂 !!