A Walk on the Wild Side Brewster’s Glacier Skywalk

It used to be that riding backwards in a ‘woodie’ station wagon without seat belts was an adventure. Now parents need to find ways to entertain their kids who can text one friend, Facetime with another, post to Instagram and tweet about their lunch all in the same 30-second span of time. Riding in backwards in a car may not quite achieve the necessary thrill-quotient intensity these days.

Chevrolet #Hotrod @GingerandNutmeg

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Banff Views

Icy, glacier-fed waters carved a turquoise ribbon through the dense pine forest, and warm sulphur liquid bubbled to the earth’s surface long before any human activity in Banff National Park.

Wildlife corridors and the river flow opened access to the first human eyes, native Canadians and then a sprinkling of hardy European explorers. The steel rails of the Canadian Pacific Railway replaced the dusty pack-horse trails, bringing the curious wealthy from far flung lands. Once the asphalt road reached the Banff town site, the word was out that this mountain playground was now open to all.

Banff Views

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Banff Summer Farmers Market

Market day in Banff is Wednesdays (8am to about 4pm).  Ginger and Nutmeg decided to ride to Banff, from Canmore, on the path that is officially called the Banff Legacy Trail. Although, his Royal Highness The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex officially opened a completed section on July 24th, the rest of the trail is not technically opened as there are five bridge sections yet to be finished.  If the current level of bike, roller-blade and foot traffic is any indication the trail will be very well utilized. The Banff Legacy Trail is a significantly safer option than riding on the shoulder of the TransCanada.

Banff Market Day

The Banff “market” is located at Bumpers as you first enter the town and that is the good news, as there is no need to drive down main street.  Currently, the market is essentially one vendor, Glen and his tractor trailer from BC.  Regardless of the limited choice in vendors, there is a wide variety of fresh Okanagan produce.  When Ginger and Nutmeg arrived, in the mid-afternoon, there was a line up of people buying all the great offerings.  So small is fine, in this town…the produce is fresh, relatively local and far better than Safeway down the street.

If  you are in Banff on a Wednesday, in the Summer or early Fall, do make a trip to the market – with more support the vendor base may grow over time and if not you will certainly not go wrong with Glen’s selection.  Maybe it will be a Whistler market one day.

Cherry Season

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