Rodney’s Oyster House Soon to be Shucking Calgary

According to three-time Canadian Oyster Shucking Champion Rodney T. Clark
“I thought oyster shucking was going to be the easy part!”

Timing for the grand opening of the Rodney’s Oyster House in Toronto in December 1987 may have been slightly dubious, barely six weeks after the stock market crash on October 19, 1987. However, according to the man himself it was not the bottom falling out of the equity market that caused consternation, but rather the fact that the day Rodney’s Oyster House opened on Adelaide Street was the same day the Canadian Ban On Shellfish began. What could have been a bad omen did not seem to matter – Hogtown was hungry for oysters and lots of them.


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Symons Valley Ranch a Fresh New Food Experience

In June, the City of Calgary just barely survived a “100-year” flooding event, and possibly the worst natural disaster in Canadian history. In response to this terrible occurrence resilient Calgarians rallied. They pumped water from their basements, tossed furniture into dumpsters, and helped their neighbours dry out precious belongings.

Then they partied!

Despite incredible obstacles, the 101st Calgary Stampede proceeded as scheduled – spurred by this outlook “Come Hell or High Water.” This year there was more to celebrate than usual – diets be damned, bring on the beer and corn dogs!

Now it is the middle of July, the middle of Calgary summer, and the city may just have a minor liquid induced hangover. There is a cure!

Symons Valley Logo

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The Evolution of Rodeo Culture in France

Due to his sojourn in France, Ginger missed the Calgary Stampede in 2011. He barely survived the separation anxiety, and certainly would not have made it without the heavy dose of local, Camarguaise ranching heritage. Surrounding Arles and Nimes, there are a plethora of regional events within a vast geographical area. Every small town hosts a summer celebration in honour of the local patron saint. These events typically include lots of entertainment for all ages. Space permitting, in the villages, there are usually rides and games for kids. Daytime and well into the wee hours there is plenty to amuse the older folks; village meals, rocking musical acts and numerous displays of horsemanship with the bulls.


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Dedicated to the Red Poppies of Provence

Southern Alberta spring is transient.

Nutmeg likes to call it the Spring Tease.

You might be tempted to clean off the deck, haul out the garden furniture and make an assessment of the damage winter did to the yard. You may even take your bike out for a spin, careful to avoid the gravel left over from the icy days. There could be an opportunity to sneak in an early season golf game.

Don’t put away your warm clothes yet!

These are the few weeks a year, when multi-sport enthusiasts can ski and golf in the same day, although you may be warmer skiing.

Last week the daytime temperatures in the Bow Valley hovered around 7C (45F) and Lady MacDonald was crowned with a fresh dusting of the white stuff.

Nutmeg reflected once again, that there really are places in the world, where flowers are blooming by this time.

A touch of red


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Calgary a Touch of Francaise

As you all know, Nutmeg was not terribly excited about heading back to Calgary in November. I decided that I should help her out and do a little research on where to find a bit of France in Calgary (pronounced Càl-gà-riêéè in French).

Although, Alberta has a reputation for being Anglophone, it is actually the third province in Canada for number of residents with French as their mother tongue. Over 68,000 people can legitimately claim that fact.

Despite a reputation of beef, beef and more AAA beef; the province has more to offer on the restaurant and grocery scene. In part, we can thank our French-speaking residents for their more sophisticated palate. Check out how Française Calgary really is…

French Flags

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Calgary White Hat Welcome Home

Ginger, Nutmeg, and Jade recently arrived back in Calgary after their “Year in Provence”. Ginger insisted that he had to return to North America for several commitments. Although, he did admit that returning in the month of November was dubious. The two ladies agreed to come back reluctantly, but only after Ginger promised that they would return to France next summer.

Nutmeg was thrilled that there was no snow on the ground for their arrival.

Jade was happy to get out of her travel kennel. She was not too fussed about where she was, as long as the food kept coming at regular intervals.

Ginger was probably the most excited as the NHL hockey season was underway and his regular “old boys” league were still playing on a weekly basis.

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Alberta’s Spring Tease

This will be a short one on Alberta’s spring.  Nutmeg moved to Calgary 17 years ago, Ginger had arranged with Mother Nature for a fantastic spring and even better summer that year.  Since that time, Calgary and Mother Nature have ignored Ginger and completely tormented Nutmeg.  Practically every year there is a deficit of snow for skiing in January and February, or it is too darn cold.

Lake Louise #TravelAlberta #BanffNationalPark @GingerandNutmeg


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Boxwood Cafe Tasty Dining in the Park in Calgary

The City of Calgary has spent $11.5 million and two years renovating Central Memorial Park, one of the oldest parks in the city it opened in 1912.  This centrally located park had fallen from a prominent memorial dedicated to those who fought in the two world wars, to an inner-city eyesore full of drug dealers and home to some of Calgary’s unfortunate street dwellers. The park was officially reopened on May 14, 2010.  The park construction and work on the new restaurant Boxwood Cafe is finally finished.  The restaurant opened on September 15th.  Nutmeg could hardly wait to check it out.  So the best way is to go for lunch with a great friend! Continue reading

Chaisso Coffee Company a new name in Coffee

There is a new game and a new name in coffee in Calgary, the Chiasso Coffee Company.  They have a brand new location at 17th Avenue and 8th Street SW, it is just barely two weeks old.  The name is Italian and translated apparently means chaos, commotion, racket.  However, chaos is the furthest thing from your mind when you step into this oasis just off that busy intersection.  They have done a great job on the finishes, including hardwood floors, granite counter tops and a mix of comfortable seating options.  The place is spotless and refreshing after some of the other coffee house options in the area. Continue reading

Northland Village Market in Calgary

This is a RE-POST.  Technology as you know can be a benefit or a curse…  So in case you missed this the first time.  🙂

Nutmeg is not directionally challenged (that she will admit) although it is possible that she may not always consider the directions exactly.  She was pretty sure that she knew exactly where to find this market.  Well not quite – after battling rush-hour traffic and circling the whole of Market Mall she realized that the Google Map instructions would have been helpful… In any case she arrived and it was fun despite the cold weather. Continue reading