Sweet Memories in an Apricot Tart

Apricots will always remind Nutmeg of her grandmother, Charlotte.

Market Apricots in Provence via @GingerandNutmeg

Nutmeg never asked if her grandmother liked to cook, it was just assumed that she did as her Hungarian lineage prevailed in hearty meals and traditional sweets. It was not unusual for Charlotte to spend an entire day preparing for a meal. The group would gather around her formal table, set with family china, polished silverware and sparkling crystal to enjoy Charlotte’s paprika chicken, beef goulash, stuffed peppers, gnocchi and other classics.

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A Recipe to Eat Your Spinach

Ginger and Nutmeg have a lovely friend they met while hiking in France. She is a fascinating lady with a medical background. A nurse by training, she has a gift with languages and a sense of adventure that has led her to some interesting spots in the world. Just as G&N arrived back in Provence their friend broke the news that her family was off on another adventure. This one would take her back to the UK for a while. Before this delightful lady was allowed to leave Provence, a group of girlfriends (and one good sport – Ginger) had decided that a proper send-off luncheon was in order. provencal-seating Continue reading

Marseille Bouillabaisse a Provencal Classic

What is your favourite fish soup?

Residents of Marseille are adamant that French fishermen eked basic sustenance from their unsightly leftover fish bits concocted this fish broth/soup/stew on the shores of the now sprawling metropolis. The name for this dish is derived from two actions bouillir (to boil) and abaisser (to reduce or simmer). However, in the intense world of “Iron-chef” gastronomy the origins of bouillabaisse are up for debate.

Fishing in Marseille

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Couscous takes over French Favourites

Forget magret de canard and moules fritescouscous served with its savoury slow-cooked stews is popular in French cuisine. It was voted France’s 3rd favourite meal in a study conducted for Vie Pratique Gourmand (2011). There are references to couscous consumption in France that date as far back as 1630 (Toulon) and 1699 (Brittany).

Aix Market Pottery #France #Provence #Markets @GingerandNutmeg

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Panade aux Pommes Not Your Classic Apple Pie

Ginger and Nutmeg hosted a July 4th dinner party while in Provence, in honour of their US friends.  The menu included traditional and non-standard elements.  Although the intent was to celebrate the US holiday, the menu might be considered a melange of Mexican, American, and French.

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Understanding The Cost of Saffron

Nutmeg had a few items on her to-do list; number one was to replenish the wine stock before Ginger arrived. The challenge was making a decision in les Alpilles given the plethora of nearby vineyards. On this particular occasion, she chose Domaine de la Vallongue as they had reopened their boutique after some renovations and were featuring some unique sculptures by Jean-Pierre Rives.

Domaine de la Vallongue

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Whitney Mayes Brings Rustic Farm to Table Style to Foodie Pages CHEF’S BOX™

The food-focused team at Foodie Pages celebrated the company’s birthday this month with some cake, but lately they seem to be infatuated by Tuscan Potato Salad with Sun Dried Tomato Mustard. This creation is part of the menu envisioned by Chef Whitney Mayes for Foodie Pages’ August CHEF’S BOX™.

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New Oxley Garlic Alberta’s Cloves of Love

Garlic’s apparent beneficial properties range from improved digestion, reduced inflammation and warding off colds. These and many other medicinal attributes were discovered long ago in central Asia and were documented in a Sanskrit manuscript from 350 – 375 AD.

Market tables heavy with thousands of braided strands of garlic are a certain sign that fall is approaching in Provence. Large, fresh, peppery cloves – nothing like Nutmeg had ever bought at the grocery store in Alberta. Or so she thought before she discovered Jackie Chalmers the owner and cultivator of New Oxley Garlic based in Claresholm, Alberta.

Garlic Galore @GingerandNutmeg

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Pumpkin Feta Muffins

Nutmeg has finally convinced Ginger that snowshoeing is an acceptable form of exercise. AND if you take the snowshoes off before you reach the ski lodge your buddies will not even notice that you did not spend your day freezing on the chairlift and skating down the icy slopes.

Showshoe Trails

For Ginger, it is all about being able to sleep-in and actually has nothing to do with the fitness component.

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