November 20, 2016 Couscous takes over French Favourites

Forget magret de canard and moules fritescouscous served with its savoury slow-cooked stews is popular in French cuisine. It was voted France’s 3rd favourite meal in a study conducted for Vie Pratique Gourmand (2011). There are references to couscous consumption in France that date as far back as 1630 (Toulon) and 1699 (Brittany).

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February 28, 2012 Cool Summer Soups

Nutmeg has a very dear friend Sassafras.  They have been friends for several decades and even though they live quite far apart, they usually manage, to get in a ski or bike or hike weekend here and there.  So a bit about Sassafras (besides the great name). She is so smart she has two university degrees because engineering was not hard enough.  She loves the open water, craves mountain vistas, has a great laugh and generally embraces live.  Sassafras also loves to cook and has decided that she will help Nutmeg out and provide a few of her favorite recipes for all of you to try.  So as Nutmeg is digging out her puffy down jacket, the rest of the country is still experiencing summer, so Sassafras’s first recipe is a cool summer soup:  North African Spiced Tomato Soup.

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