February 25, 2018 A Perfect Date Recipe

Nutmeg has decided that girl friends are perfect dates.


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June 9, 2013 Randonee in Provence Hiking in France

In France and much of Europe, hiking or randonée is a significant part of the culture. There are walking trails for all levels that crisscross the continent.  The longer trails form part of the GR system or Grande Randonée, there are over 60,000km of trails in France alone. Here is a great resource guide book.

Ginger and Nutmeg love hiking, but they never expected to start the season in January, when they were introduced to the International Hiking Group of Provence. G&N made it to as many of the scheduled Tuesday hikes as they could fit in to their busy European exploration agenda.

Each hike was unique, the scenery beautiful and weather at times unpredictable. All of the hikes offered opportunities for some laughs along the way. Some of the favorites are highlighted below:

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June 10, 2011 Chocolate and Biscotti What’s not to Love

Nutmeg as you already know is quite black and white on most issues and this is definitely one of those.  Chocolate only comes in one acceptable format – dark and really dark.  White “chocolate” is about as real as marshmallows and about as good for you as MSG, trans-fats and saccharin.  For those interested here are some fast facts:

chocolate #ChocolateLovers @GingerandNutmeg

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