April 18, 2016

Pitcher and Powell International Culinary Tours

Recently launched, Pitcher and Powell is a travel concept that combines the creative talents and cooking passions of two accomplished ladies. Even their last names work well together! Barbara Pitcher is a Canadian by birth, with an international spirit, she is a painter who lives in Provence with her family. Like many artists who have lived in the region (think: Cezanne, Picasso and Van Gogh) the Provencal light decidedly inspires her artwork. This is what Barbara shared regarding her approach to the canvas, “There is the cliché of “the light is beautiful in Provence” well it truly is!  The colours of the landscapes beg to be painted.  I have been painting since the early 90’s.  In Provence, when I arrived eight years ago I changed my style altogether, I have embraced abstract that I love because I never know where it will take me.” Please read the rest of Barbara’s story here. (more…)


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April 11, 2016

New Orleans Jazz Fest A-Z for Foodies

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is held annually over two weekends (seven days) at the end of April and beginning of May. This event rivals Mardi Gras for its commercial impact on the city, an estimated $300million (2012). Read more about the Five (5) essentials for New Orleans Jazz Fest here.    (more…)


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April 4, 2016

Wine Scholar Guild Provence Wine Study Program – Giveaway

Wine lover? This contest is for you (details below).   The Wine Scholar Guild (WSG), formerly the French Wine Society, is in the process of evolving the 10-year old organization and pursuing a lofty goal. The WSG wants to be the recognized global leader in wine study programs for France, Italy and Spain. Guild members range from certified wine experts to enthusiastic drinkers. What the group has in common, aside from the obvious appreciate for wine, is a desire to expand their industry knowledge and specific regional comprehension. Whether the goal is to develop wine lists for the restaurant trade or understand which bottle to order with your dinner, WSG certification will help. (more…)


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March 28, 2016

Uncovering Glanum from a Pile of Rocks in Provence

Nutmeg is reasonably certain she is not the first person to walk through the Glanum archaeological site, near St Remy de Provence, and consider that mankind is relatively insignificant in the passage of time. Ashes to ashes Dust to dust Rocks to rocks A previous G&N blog post “Glanum Glorious Views” covers much of the history of this site. The following post is a short overview only as an excuse to show off a few new photos. The main street in Glanum is below. (more…)


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March 21, 2016

Rhone Valley Grape Vine Tours with Linda Garson

Linda Garson spent her youth in Manchester, in the United Kingdom, a place best known for soccer matches and beer-filled celebrations, not necessarily for wine expertise. A visual communications graduate, Linda relocated to Canada (Calgary) in 2003 on a contract with Trade UK – the British Government’s export division. The contract was for 13-months, and Linda is still in Calgary. (more…)


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March 14, 2016

5 Essentials for New Orleans Jazz Fest

The friendly guy behind the counter at Community Coffee in the French Quarter asked “Are y’all you going to the Fest this mornin?” G&N were visiting New Orleans or NOLA, as some like to call it, for the second time. They had forgotten about the je ne c’est quoi smell that defines Bourbon Street or Calle De Borbon. It is difficult to determine which is worse; the humid evening whiffs, a combination of stale booze and its fresh side effects, or those same odors reawakened in the morning during street cleaning. (more…)


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March 7, 2016

Bad Hair Day

    Gentlemen do not press DELETE – this post is for you! The men’s grooming products market is forecast to exceed $33.2 Billion (USD) by 2015.  That figure includes shaving products and colognes; however, a few of you must use hair products too.   (more…)


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February 29, 2016

Foodie Tour of Paris

There are many reasons to complain about the SNCF (French national railways) including their frequent schedule delays. However, when the system works you board the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) in Avignon and arrive 2.5 hours later on the platform at Paris Gare de Lyon – génial (brilliant)! Ginger and Nutmeg were in Paris for a quick visit, a weekend of “hanging-out”. As often happens, Ginger was simply happy to be there, and Nutmeg had a plan. They were going to stroll (flâner) the city and do a foodie tour along the way. (more…)


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February 22, 2016

Sweet Memories in an Apricot Tart

Apricots will always remind Nutmeg of her grandmother, Charlotte. Nutmeg never asked if her grandmother liked to cook, it was just assumed that she did as her Hungarian lineage prevailed in hearty meals and traditional sweets. It was not unusual for Charlotte to spend an entire day preparing for a meal. The group would gather around her formal table, set with family china, polished silverware and sparkling crystal to enjoy Charlotte’s paprika chicken, beef goulash, stuffed peppers, gnocchi and other classics. (more…)


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February 15, 2016

Angelus the Bells of Angels in Provence

Ginger and Nutmeg live close to the village church. When they first return to France it takes several days to get adjusted. Between the 8-hour time change and the village bells, there is no need to wear a watch.  The clock tower bells chime every hour, day and night. The number of rings at the top of the hour, indicate the time of day and a single chime designates the 30-minute mark. (more…)


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