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February 29, 2016

Foodie Tour of Paris

There are many reasons to complain about the SNCF (French national railways) including their frequent schedule delays. However, when the system works you board the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) in Avignon and arrive 2.5 hours later on the platform at Paris Gare de Lyon – génial (brilliant)! Ginger and Nutmeg were in Paris for a quick visit, a weekend of “hanging-out”. As often happens, Ginger was simply happy to be there, and Nutmeg had a plan. They were going to stroll (flâner) the city and do a foodie tour along the way. (more…)


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February 22, 2016

Sweet Memories in an Apricot Tart

Apricots will always remind Nutmeg of her grandmother, Charlotte. Nutmeg never asked if her grandmother liked to cook, it was just assumed that she did as her Hungarian lineage prevailed in hearty meals and traditional sweets. It was not unusual for Charlotte to spend an entire day preparing for a meal. The group would gather around her formal table, set with family china, polished silverware and sparkling crystal to enjoy Charlotte’s paprika chicken, beef goulash, stuffed peppers, gnocchi and other classics. (more…)


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February 15, 2016

Angelus the Bells of Angels in Provence

Ginger and Nutmeg live close to the village church. When they first return to France it takes several days to get adjusted. Between the 8-hour time change and the village bells, there is no need to wear a watch.  The clock tower bells chime every hour, day and night. The number of rings at the top of the hour, indicate the time of day and a single chime designates the 30-minute mark. (more…)


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February 8, 2016

Cucuron Market Day Highlights in Provence

Market day in Cucuron is Tuesday. Located in the epic-centre of the Luberon Regional National Park Cucuron displays all the charms of a classic Provençal village. The hamlet, like its closest neighbours Lourmarin, Ansouis and Vaugines is bejewelled with ramparts, bell towers and shady plane trees. (more…)


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February 1, 2016

A Recipe to Eat Your Spinach

Ginger and Nutmeg have a lovely friend they met while hiking in France. She is a fascinating lady with a medical background. A nurse by training, she has a gift with languages and a sense of adventure that has led her to some interesting spots in the world. Just as G&N arrived back in Provence their friend broke the news that her family was off on another adventure. This one would take her back to the UK for a while. Before this delightful lady was allowed to leave Provence, a group of girlfriends (and one good sport – Ginger) had decided that a proper send-off luncheon was in order. (more…)


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January 25, 2016

5 Reasons to learn French an Objective List

Ginger and Nutmeg have an on-going debate. Actually, it is not a debate because there is little discussion. Nutmeg admits she is a Francophile, give her the choice between BBQ Alberta beef and steak au poivre the French sauce wins. She listens to Radio Canada when she is driving, her reasons include the fact that the news programming is often better than other stations and listening to French (despite sometime horrific accents) is good training. Ginger is quick to order BBQ Alberta beef and switch the radio to CBC. Nutmeg thought she would enlist the help of a friend at Frantastique (online language training), to help settle their non-debate. The following are 5 Reasons to learn French: an unbiased and objective list: (more…)


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January 18, 2016

Knife Skills fit for Guerrillas in Edmonton

Chef Michelle DeLand acquired her knife skills, how to make a roux, and what it takes to make soufflé from some of the gurus in the food industry. American-born DeLand trained with Madeline Kamman (the NY Times called her “Flinty, Revered Teacher of Chefs“) in San Francisco. She also had the opportunity to work under Chef and TV personality Jacques Pepin for a short period. (more…)


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January 11, 2016

Travel through the ABCs of Street Art Around the World

Nutmeg has long held a fascination for street art and its covert, daring, brash, temporary, loud, in-your-face style of self-expression. So far removed from stuffy galleries and permanent, curated collections. Nutmeg compiled an ABC list of street art terms in order understand this open-air pursuit, and top places for viewing around the world. (more…)


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January 4, 2016

A to Z of Biking the Romantic Road in Germany

Finally, after a year of talking about biking the Romantic Road through Bavaria the group was at the start of the route in Würzburg. Ginger and Nutmeg’s friends had flown from Calgary via Italy, so they were on the correct time clock, but their bikes needed reassembling. As far as Nutmeg was concerned that was just fine considering the temperature might have been 11 Celsius that morning. You can read more detail about their trip here. (more…)


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December 21, 2015

Seasons Greetings!

Thank you for reading our travel posts this year. Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!


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