July 30, 2017 A Recipe to Eat Your Spinach

Ginger and Nutmeg have a lovely friend they met while hiking in France. She is a fascinating lady with a medical background. A nurse by training, she has a gift with languages and a sense of adventure that has led her to some interesting spots in the world. Just as G&N arrived back in Provence their friend broke the news that her family was off on another adventure. This one would take her back to the UK for a while. Before this delightful lady was allowed to leave Provence, a group of girlfriends (and one good sport – Ginger) had decided that a proper send-off luncheon was in order. provencal-seating

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November 25, 2012 Master of the Kitchen in Provence

Who would not be inspired by this view?

Chateau D'Arnajon

Whether your passion is art, music, food or something else it would be hard not to feel the urge to be creative.  Ginger and Nutmeg were very fortunate to spend two days with Marc Heracle in his beautifully appointed kitchen at Chateau D’Arnajon. The Chateau is located in the village of Le Puy Sainte Reparade.  Marc’s focus is on traditional Provençal style cuisine.  Traditional methods pre-1900s did not include dairy, butter or refined flours.  The cooking methods of the time used olive oil, almonds, olives, citrus and spices that were (and still are) found in abundance in the region. Marc’s style is relaxed as he shares his knowledge and practical experience.  He encourages participation and is happy to share some stories.

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July 15, 2012 Lentils for Luck

Lentils for Luck

Nutmeg is not superstitious by nature.  That being said, she is not foolhardy either; there is no good reason to spend to much time with a black cat or walk under a ladder or generally tempt fate.

It is a tradition in Nutmeg’s family to eat lentils on January 1st every year.  In many nationalities, eating lentils on the first of the year is supposed to bring you prosperity through the coming months.  The round shape of the lentil is similar to a coin, and thus in theory the more you eat the more wealth you will gain.  Given the fact that Ginger and Nutmeg are living, eating and drinking in France without paychecks, a bit of prosperity would not hurt.

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April 8, 2012 Unearthing Root Vegetables in the Fall

Thanksgiving, it certainly feels like fall in Southern Alberta and in parts of France.  The mornings are crisp and more clothing layers are required for dog walks.  Nearby mountain peaks have some early season snow at the higher levels, and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn their autumn hues.  Nutmeg is not really a fall person, although she has many friends who embrace the transition season between summer (her favorite) and winter (skiing, second favorite).

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July 9, 2011 Mushroom Roast a Veggie Dish to Impress

OK so the story about Nutmeg is her activity level has been cut to zero by knee surgery.  The surgery was supposed to be minor but….not so much so she is house bound on crutches for 4 weeks.  The great news is there is lots of time for the blog and for trying new recipes.

Market Mushrooms #France #markets @GingerandNutmeg

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